Goals & Stats

Name: Blu
Sex: Female
DOB: 1983
Height: 5’2″ (157cm)

Peak Weight: 205lbs (93kg)
Peak BMI: 37.7 (Obese)
Highest Dress Size: 18-20

Short-term Goal: 143lbs (65kg)
Mid-term Goal: 132lbs (60kg)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 121lbs (55kg)

I had reached my previous mid-term goal and was only 3kg from my ultimate goal of 55kg back in 2009, but a (happy!) marriage has caused me to pack on some pounds again so I’m once more aiming for these goals in 2012.

My General Loss Ticker

My 8kg in 3 Months Challenge Ticker (From March – June 2012) (See post)

2012 Stats

  • January: [Goal: 155lbs] From 161.5lbs (73.2kg) to 154.4lbs (70.0kg) – Loss of  7.1lb (3.2kg)

Hurrah, my monthly goal was met! Went a lot better than I expected, considering I was still learning the points system  along with a change in eating habits and slowly building up my physical exercise. Hoping for a similar result in the next month.

  • February: [Goal: 150lbs] From 154.4lbs (70.0kg) to 148.0lbs (67.1kg) – Loss of 6.4lbs (2.9kg)

Really pleased to see I met my monthly goal of 150, and even went down a little below that. I feel as good as ever, I can see the results. I’m a little bummed because I had to let up on my jogging because my knees were in pain, but I hope in the next month to continue to build back up to the level I was at.

  • March: [Goal: 142lbs] From 148.0lbs (67.1kg) to

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