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Funny How Things Work…

I’m dropping in for a quick update on my progress. Both Boo and I have caught a bit of a seasonal cold, so I’ve been feeling tired and not very interested in much, including blogging and the internet.

This morning I woke up and discovered I’d dropped to 140lbs (63.5kg). In terms of my and Mia’s 8×3 challenge, that means I’m down 3kg for our 8kg goal. Not bad! The ticker had been stuck in 1.9kg for a few weeks due to the plateau that I had hit and stayed on in my last post. It has taken me 2 weeks to grapple my way across this plateau and then continue my weight loss.

As stated previously, the weather has been really messing up my exercise mojo. Rain continuously for the last two weeks has cut down the time I’ve been able to go out and run by almost half. That, and some other things have cropped up that I’ve had to help family members with tasks.

Despite that, though, my diet has gotten back on track. From late March to early April, we’d been extremely tight on budget and I’d been without my usual diet of fresh fruit and veggies there for a couple of weeks. Instead, I was eating more of the ‘snack’ foods that I had as a treat. My diet was thrown off, I was experiencing a little bit of comfort eating – eating for taste, not for filling, and eating stuff I normally wouldn’t. So while I always stayed within my point limit, my diet wasn’t the best and it was causing my body to stick in the same range.

So now we’re back with a fully fresh and healthy diet, and the weight is starting to come back off. Hurrah! I don’t feel so static anymore.

Because of this restart to my weight loss, a few days ago I officially reached my 20 pound weight loss from 161.5 to 141.4 pounds (9kg loss). This took me just a little over 3 months, about 13 weeks. I’m pleased with this progress, even though with my plateau I probably would have lost those final few pounds before the 3 month mark.

So how did I do it? Just by getting back on track with a healthy diet. It’s funny how things work – while I was eating less of the not-so-good stuff, my weight leveled out and yo-yoed a little bit. However, when I was sitting down to dinner with a huge plate of veggies and salads, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief. By eating regular, full meals of the good stuff that I can lose the weight… but when I restrict my food intake and eat the snacks, my weight stays the same.

We all know quality is better than quantity, and that eating lots of healthy food is better than eating just a little unhealthy food, but it’s still boggling to see it in action. My dinner plate is literally piled with fresh fruit and vegetables, maybe a little protein, but I continue to shed the weight. The moment I begin to restrict my food intake, my loss slows and stops. This is part of the body’s natural tendency to respond to feast or famine through metabolism – if you’re not eating much, it’s gonna hog all the food and store it for later. If you’re eating regularly and enough, it’ll burn the calories (so long as what you’re eating isn’t junk and you’re fairly active). It’s so weird, but I don’t question it. I just use it as justification in having tasty healthy snacks and meals and filling myself to full.

So now I’ve updated my ticker to reflect the newest number, and I’m just waiting for the weather to be kinder so I can get out. I’ve been running with Boo lately, and he’s been a huge inspiration and driving force. My stamina has increased quite a bit and I can run distances I’ve run before without trouble, but I admit I’m still a bit of a wuss. I still get some minor aches and pains in my knees and hips, so I don’t tend to push myself further than I already do for fear of going through another period of complete suspension to recover.

Speaking of Boo – that man has lost, to date, over 30 pounds! Between the pair of us, in the last 3 months we’ve lost together 50 pounds, quite a feat. I’m so very proud of him, though I could smack him for losing more weight than I. (But I accept that’s just the way it is.) He’s been so good, sticking with our diet and maintaining his physical fitness. The change is really noticeable on him, where shirts that he was stretching before are now very loose about him.

The other day, his mother saw both he and I for the first time since Christmas. Her reaction was clear enough – we’ve lost the weight. It feels good, though it did kinda make the pair of us squirm to have people exclaim so over our weight. I guess seeing it slowly over the months isn’t as shocking as seeing it in one big hit.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to take before and after photos. I’m still undecided. I’m still a little wary of the camera, preferring to be behind it instead of in front of it. I also don’t know if I would share them. On the one hand, I am tempted to take them to show, visually, how much progress I’ve made, and to give myself the drive to continue. On the other hand, I’m just a private person, I don’t post any photos of myself online that aren’t locked, so to share them on this blog would be a huge step for me. I’m still thinking about it.

But speaking of Before and Afters, today I am expecting something in the post – P90X! Boo has wanted to try the program for years, and he’s told me about it. It’s something I’m willing to give a shot, but I won’t lie – I’m scared stiff. Yes, I’m scared of a bunch of little DVDs! I’m pretty sure I won’t survive it, but I’m going to give it all my best. As Boo has mentioned to me, though I’ve done good on losing weight and bringing my fitness up, I haven’t worked my whole body out and I haven’t toned. I agree, and with the weather making it harder for me to get out and run, if I can find something to do indoors as an alternative, that’d be great.

So that’s coming soon. I guess I’ll start writing more about that, and I do pray I can stick with it. Maybe some results will come of it. I don’t want a built body, but I do want to work on my body strength and fitness. Maybe this is what I need to start taking some progress photos – we’ll see!

Along with the P90X program, I also have some exercise balls, exercise mats and a tower gym coming. I’m really looking forward to that. This gym has elastics with weights for body workouts, as well as a pull-up bar. Hopefully I can work out my ‘spaghetti arms’, as Boo calls them. Boo!

So yes, we’re continuing our fitness and diet, adding the workout gym, mats and balls with P90X to our workouts. I’m probably gonna whine and moan about it, but I’m gonna give it my all. With Boo there, I’m sure I can do it. For his part, he’s lucky. His physical fitness is far better than mine, and he was on the football, weightlifting and wrestling teams in highschool. Puh. Still, there’s an up-side – I have my own personal trainer!

Enough for now, cheers!



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