Daily Update, Diet, Exercise

Daylight Savings Boo!

I’ve been a little preoccupied with some projects I’m working on – including one with a time limit – so I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to. This update is probably also going to be brief, just so I can check in and say that I haven’t forgotten it and I am still on track.

Today’s post is based partly around DST. I won’t get into whether or not I like or support it, but I will say that I come from a place where DST is not used. As a result, though it’s only a difference of an hour, I invariably feel out of sorts whenever the clocks jump forward or fall back. It usually takes me a week or two to adjust. It’s odd, but my body is rather sensitive to the changes (I can wake up almost on the hour if I expect to get up at that time, so a different time for the same part of the day does my head in).

Anyway, with DST kicking in and these projects I’ve been working on, I’ve been experiencing less sleep than I normally do. In fact, for most of this last week I’ve been up normally when I should be asleep, so my sleeping pattern is broken. I hadn’t had a full, uninterrupted sleep cycle until just yesterday and today. Sleep is a very important thing for me; with my low iron, I easily get fatigued and tired. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m listless, unresponsive and moody. Pretty much a grumpy zombie, if you think about it.

It ties in with what I think of as RED – Rest, Exercise and Diet.

Now this last week I’ve maintained my diet in so far as staying under my points allowance, but I was doing some pretty crazy snacking and stuffing, even though I was full. (I went on a rice cracker and popcorn binge for example.) My taste buds really took advantage of my weakened state and I let them run riot a little. I did rein them in, though, and did not exceed my point count.

As for my exercise, though I knew I should get out and go for a walk and I’d feel 100% better, I didn’t do it. I was far too tired and lacking serious motivation. There were also some storms and a cold front blowing through, to further turn me off.

So really, as a result of my exhaustion, my diet and my exercise kinda took a nasty blow. They didn’t suffer a fatal blow, but I was in a real funk there for the good part of the week.

However, on Friday, I made an effort to go to bed and stay there until I fell asleep. It wasn’t easy, with my mind preoccupied with my project. I’d roll around in bed, come up with new ideas, add them to a mental checklist. This would last for about an hour or so until I fell asleep. I eventually did fall asleep, and when I awoke… I was back on top of the world. I sprung out of bed, renewed, and jumped straight into my workout gear.

I had a light breakfast, checked my internet stuff, and then hit the pavement at my usual 2pm walking time.

Oh, this is again where DST hits me in the face. I was sweating, it was hot and the sun was bright. I’d forgotten about the time change, so the sun was pretty much straight overhead and beating down on me. Boo.

I made it through my walk, even got a little bit of color on my hide, and I trudged home. Today, I plan to go back out and walk again, but this time I’ll have to adjust and walk at 3 or so to avoid the high sun I got yesterday.

Now I need to get back to my project. Before I go, however, I will also say that I’ve lost about 1.9kg (4lbs) since I made the pact with Mia for our 8kg in 3 months challenge. More than that, I’m getting closer to my monthly goal of March, so I’m pretty happy with that. Hoping I can continue with my routine, finish my project and hit April running.



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