Daily Update

Eat Before You Go

I ran across this Oatmeal cartoon a few days ago and I hollered, “YES! Exactly THIS!”

This is a big problem I experience whenever I hit the grocery store. When I haven’t had a decent meal, not only do I limp around Wal-Mart, clutching my midsection wailing that my stomach is gonna implode, but I also seem to notice foods that I never pay attention to while full.

When this happens, I suddenly awake from a dream-like state to find myself standing in the dairy section, lustfully leaning nose-to-roll with cookie dough mixes while saliva oozes down my chin and puddles at my feet. I don’t necessarily want cookies, I just want something doughy to stuff in my mouth right then and there to alleviate my hunger pangs.The thought of maybe eating an apple instead is, at that very moment in my hunger-addled brain, completely loathsome.

So I somehow manage to peel myself away. But the rest of the trip is just as trying. Think of it as one big exercise in self-control as I navigate the churning waters of Wal-Mart, struggling to survive the siren calls of sinfully tasty foods. As I move through, I suddenly want to double-fist hot dogs, Cheezy Poofs Cheetos, croutons and ketchup into my face. At the same time, if possible.

So far, I’ve exercised a decent amount of restraint whenever I do make the mistake of hitting the aisles on an empty stomach. Part of this can be attributed to my steely determination to stick to my diet and the presence of my WW points calculator in my pocket; most of it is simply due to the fact that we are on a tight grocery budget and can’t afford to run down the aisles like maniacs, sweeping everything off the shelves and into our carts while kissing our diet plan goodbye.

These days I’m taking care to at least eat on the way to the store, such as chew on an apple or banana. Still, it can be a real test of strength to make it through to the checkouts without at least gently fondling the crisp packet of a bag of potato chips on the way out.



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