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Recapping February.

Well, February finished yesterday, and my progress overall has been really good.

I’ve dropped down to 148lbs for a total of 6.4lbs over February, which I’m really pleased about. I didn’t expect that sort of result – my ‘goal’ for the month was to hit 150, so anything more than that was great. I’m pretty certain that my muscle mass has increased a little bit – especially in my butt, thighs and calves from all the walking and running I’ve been doing. So while I’m fully aware of not being hung up on the number I see on the scale so much, I’m happy to see that while I am losing weight (and seeing the results in the looseness of my clothes) while also increasing my muscle strength and stamina. I only need to really start working on my upper body, which I’m pretty slack on.

I’ve been keeping up with my diet and keeping up with the vitamins. I’ve run out of iron tablets, however, so I’m going to need to pick those up the next time I head out to the store. In the meantime I’ve continued to take my multivitamin, keep up the water intake and eat tons of tasty vegetables. I am feeling a little out of sorts because I didn’t purchase fresh spinach last week, so I’m not really eating any salads this week. (I just love spinach in salad, so without is kinda boring!) Instead of my salads, though, I’ve just whipped up a huge batch of fresh tuna salad, and that’s filling me up and keeping me happy. That says something from someone who has disliked seafood of any kind since a young age.

The weather here has continued to be a little unreliable, with chances for rain on and off every week for the last couple of weeks. It’s putting my daily walks off kilter, but I’m managing it, even stepping outside when it looks very close to dumping buckets down. Luckily, I haven’t been rained out yet, so my good fortune is holding out.

On a good note, at least the temperature has warmed up a little from the freezing, windy days of sub-50F to a warmer (and somewhat sweatier) 70F and higher. I just hope I can adjust to the warmth and the serious summer sunshine won’t knock me over dead from heat.

Things I still need to work on are my Wii workouts. I’ve been so slack, though I have gotten on it a few times since I last updated. I think it’s due mostly in part to my dislike of being inside and cooped up while working. I get distracted and antsy very easily, so to stand in front of the TV and workout feels… well, like a workout. And while I do it I’m looking at the computer, at my phone… Just trying to find any excuse to stop what I’m doing. Very irritating! I think either I’m going to have to suck it up and try again, maybe play some music to get me moving, or hound Boo into playing with me so it’s more enjoyable.

I also need to work on my sleeping patterns; they’re still all over the place. I seem to want to sleep, but as soon as I climb into bed, my brain hits overdrive and I spend two hours or so just thinking about stuff. It drives me absolutely nuts. I end up crawling out of bed so I don’t wake Boo with all my tossing and turning, andafter I spend a few hours browsing the net I finally fall back into bed, too exhausted to think and I sleep. (Then I have to wake up two or three hours later to get Boo up.) This is a major factor in my somewhat irregular eating patterns, though I’ve maintained it for the most part to roughly the same time each day. I’m pleased to say that even if the beginning of my day is a little wonky, my evenings aren’t. I’m still eating my dinner around 5-7PM, and going to bed from 10-12 midnight, well after my last meal and enough for my body to settle.

Speaking of Boo, he continues to lose weight from the diet and all the hard work he’s doing at work, so I’m happy for him. Between the pair of us, I think we’ve lost a total of about 25 or so pounds since January. Fantastic!

So my goals for March are (some of them carried over from February’s):

  • Hit 145lbs – my ultimate/minimum goal for the month
  • Hit 140lbs – I’m not aiming for this as much as 145, but if I get near it, that would be an awesome bonus
  • Pick up my Wii Fit workouts – if not daily, at least on my off-days from walking
  • Maintain my 4 miles a day, 4 days a week workout, weather permitting
  • Gradually bring my jogging back up to 0.5miles a day, knees permitting


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