Diet, Exercise

Diet + Exercise = Success

Not quite the end of February, but so far it’s going good. I’ve already reached my first goal, of falling under 150lbs. For the last week I’ve been steady at 149lbs, so I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made this February.

Last week’s exercise program wasn’t as good as it should have been. I managed to go on two walks, but with the sporadic rain we’ve been having and increased lethargy (due to it being that time of the month again), I didn’t do as much as I could have. In fact, on Wednesday I had dressed in my workout gear and had even stepped outside when the wind put me off and I crawled back inside to fall asleep. Oops! I’m not entirely disappointed about it, however, as on one night I ended up doing an hour and a half of Wii workouts, and on Saturday I spent the afternoon assisting my in-laws packing up to move house. So while I haven’t walked as much as I would have liked, I did still get a bit of physical exercise.

This week is looking much the same. I’m still really quite tired and the weather forecast isn’t looking entirely promising. Despite this, I’m hoping to get back out there this week, especially since the weather is gradually beginning to warm up and the days are really beautiful and sunny when it’s not raining.

With the amount of walking cut down in half from last week, and the previous weeks of taking care with my aching knees, I gave jogging a fresh start yesterday. My legs felt really great, so I’m hoping to gradually bring my running back up to speed over the next few weeks without causing strain on my joints. Fingers crossed – I’m really itching to get back out there!

So looking back on the last two months, progress has been looking good. Despite a few small slumps here and there in the exercise program (due to whatever excuse I have at the time), I’ve stuck with it quite well. The diet has also been great, with only one occasion of going over (by one point) my target goal.

I find that the two-pronged approach of both diet and exercise has really helped me to stay on track even when there are times I don’t want to do it. A type of cyclical pattern, one supports the other and vice versa. I find for me that it’s easier to watch what I eat when I invest the time and effort into exercising. It’s harder to binge recklessly on junk food, undoing my efforts after working out hard for over an hour.

Likewise, while maintaining a healthy diet on a daily basis, it has helped to improve my metabolism and reduce tiredness, bloating and more so exercising is much more enjoyable and rewarding. The exercise, as well, improves my mood exponentially and increases my appetite, so I’m free to eat healthy amounts of nutritious and tasty foods without a guilt complex.

I don’t think I would have maintained such constant routine if I didn’t have both. I’m looking forward to continuing a dual exercise and diet plan; my only concern is as summer approaches, and the heat and humidity rises, that I’ll be able to continue the exercise routine that I’ve set for myself. Hoping with the gradual weather change that is coming up that I can adjust and not fall over flat on my face from heat exhaustion. I still have time before summer sets in, though, so I’ll be working on that. Just wish this pesky rain would settle!


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