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Some good, some not so good.

So an update of my progress. As my title says, some good news and some not so good news.

Good news is I’m feeling generally pretty good. Sticking with the diet, maintaining my points and basically eating as healthily as possible. I’ve been slowly adjusting my meat and veggie intake – upping my veg and having meat 1-2 times a week. That’s gone better than I expected, and even when I fix the hubby some chicken or meat for dinner, I don’t feel the temptation to have some for myself even if it does smell rather delicious. I generally have a tasty salad or snack on the side to look forward to, and I enjoy those completely. I don’t plan on being vegetarian – I still enjoy the odd meat here and there – but the change, I feel, has been positive. I’m filling up to satisfaction on good stuff, so I have a double whammy in maintaining my allocated points and eating healthily.

So, the diet isn’t as big of an adjustment as I anticipated. Even if it were a bit of a struggle to stick to, the way hubby and I are watching our spending, we don’t have a lot of extra junk food laying around our house. I’m just lucky that I’m actually enjoying the foods I’m eating. Granted, I could probably eat a few Pringles right now if I could get past the amount of points it would eat up, but I’m feeling just as satisfied with my light sour cream dip and veggies. I actually return from my walks (starving) and I can sit down and devour a big bowl of fresh veggie sticks with some dip and only spend a few points. That’s pretty awesome.

We went to do our weekly grocery shop yesterday. Since we’ve become more conscious of our purchases, I get curious and peek at other people’s carts to see what they’re taking home for food (I do sometimes look longingly at folks with some tasty snacks, but I don’t have a lot of points to work with so it fights the temptation). I know by looking at own shopping cart it has gotten disgustingly healthy over the last few months; we used to buy 4 packs of potato chips, soft drink, Pringles, sunflower seeds and so on. Now, the bulk of our shopping has gone down to almost half – a full shop and stock barely fills half the cart – and our spending has dropped as well. We have fat free milk, yoghurt, fresh greens and fruit, chicken breast, bread, and then some snacks for Boo to take to work.

We’ve also gotten a lot better at controlling impulse buying and sticking with the shopping list. We still might pick up an extra thing here and there, but we’re better at stopping to look at the label and even whipping out our calculator to figure out the points value of foods. Even Boo gets into it, which I’m grateful for, and he stops and helps me to read labels. I don’t feel like I’m the only one who is maintaining this new lifestyle of ours. As I’ve heard before, and I’m inclined to believe, it’s easier to follow a diet plan and a lifestyle change when both partners or the family follows it. I’ve gone solo before, but I’m thankful that I don’t have to handle a hubby who insists on sitting on the couch and stuffing his face with potato chips while I chew on fresh carrot sticks! I’m seriously very proud of him and grateful for his support and patience with this.

But I think we’ve found a secret that has helped us – Weight Watchers has a chocolate ice cream bar that we both gobble up like, well, ice cream. It’s unbelievably very tasty, and not something you’d expect from a diet plan like WW! It satisfies any junk/sweet tooth we have and helps us to eat our healthy food so we can look forward to that indulgence. (I was greatly amused yesterday when Boo grabbed a box and when I mentioned I’d have some of them, he shook his head and pointed at the fridge, saying I had to get my own, that was HIS box of icecream.)

So, the food is going well. We had a ‘slip-up’ on Saturday – Boo and I went out for the evening to a comedy club as a type of Valentine’s Day celebration. It was awesome. I had an ice cream drink, got delightfully tipsy, and after the club we swung by Wing Stop and picked up some wings and fries. I’m well aware that these things cost quite a lot in points, but both Boo and I felt it was deserved; we’ve been so good, and since we’re not using up our weekly bonus points, nor are we using our activity points, we were probably very well inside our limit. I didn’t even bother to tally up the points; we just sat down and enjoyed our first dinner out since Christmas. And I don’t even feel guilty, really.

The next day, however, I did make a point of sticking back with my healthy snacks and doing my final 4 miles for the week. Which brings me around to the not-so-good, but I’ll hold off on that for a moment.

To continue the good news, I’ve been religious at taking my vitamins, as well as upping my water intake. I’ve gotten into the habit of getting up and having a big cup of water, as well as my vitamins. The water has become almost a must for me. I used to go an entire day and maybe, if I was lucky, I’d drink a full cup over the entire day. It just seemed superfluous. I didn’t feel thirsty, so why drink? Well, with all the extra walking I’ve been doing, and actually making a conscious effort to fill a cup up and then drain it down, I’ve come to rely on it. I can wake up feeling rather dehydrated and icky, so it’s become a habit for me to wake up and have a cup. In the process, I take my vitamins.

Now, I take a multivitamin with extra biotin, collagen and gelatin in it, because I have hair fall and brittle nails. It also has all the usual daily recommended amounts of the important stuff. I also take an additional iron supplement on top of that (the multi only has 17% iron in it anyway). When I was a teenager and suffering from fatigue and irritability, I had my blood tested and I was found to be severely anemic. My doctor strongly recommended me to take double the usual amount of iron to maintain my iron levels, and I’m doing the same here. It seems to have made an improvement; despite my odd sleeping schedule (getting up at 4am with Boo to get him to work goes against everything in me), I do find that I generally have more energy and ability to stay awake and clear.

So, the water and vitamins have gotten tons  better, and was a little goal I had set in a previous post.

I haven’t yet weighed myself for this week, so I don’t know the numbers. I’m a little wary because like I said in my last post, I don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight. I’m sure I haven’t gained (or so I hope, or the Wing Stop feast will haunt me), but I’m going to anxious to see what the damage is on Wednesday. That said, however, I’ve noticed a lot of tiny little physical milestones.

  • My PJ top, that used to stretch across my breasts and tummy so much the buttons would pop if I bend over, now fits quite well – no more button stress
  • My fancy underwear that used to cut into my hips now fits comfortably, and it doesn’t roll down
  • My smaller bra (D) is fitting a little better; the DD bras don’t feel so snug anymore
  • And my crowning achievement: I had the crazy urge to try on an old pair of size 10 jeans on the weekend – would you believe, I fit! They’re quite snug in a comfortable way, so they don’t cut me in half like I expected them to. I did a strut around the bedroom and wore them out, feeling like a million bucks. Wahoo!

So obviously I’ve been losing weight, and I’m thrilled. I’m just a little impatient and wish I could lose it all in one hit so I can chill on the couch and enjoy this miserable weather we’ve been having from the safety of inside.

Onwards to the not-so-good!

I’ve been slack in doing my Wii workouts. I’ve done it once or twice in the last week, but I had hoped to do it every day, even if just for 30-45 minutes. I just started a new week, though, so I have time after this post to get off my duff and start. I enjoy the physical activities, but it’s the yoga that really kicks my butt. I get some good ratings on the lower difficulty poses, but the harder ones have me shaking and breathless, which is what I need. I think I also need to back down a little and work on low-impact exercises.

This leads into the biggest problem I’ve had – my knees. The last week has been hell on my knees, and I’m not entirely sure why. I did my first day okay; a little discomfort, but nothing to be worried about. Just the usual get-up-and-go knee complaints. The second day was when I noticed the pain was actually a little more than normal. The third day was hell. Granted, it was a cold day and the wind was brutal; I got more of a workout on that day than any other day I’ve walked, due to the wind resistance I was fight against. (The kind of wind that rips off your hoodie and baseball cap if you don’t walk with your head down the whole way.) The fourth day, Sunday, was less harsh and quite a beautiful day compared to the previous, but I had to finally concede that my knees were done. I did two miles with the usual jogging, but by the third I had to force myself to stop and just walk it. Same with the fourth.

As I’ve mentioned before, my endurance has increased. I know I can jog without falling over blue in the face, and I actually wanted to jog, but the discomfort I felt in my knees was worrying me. I had to literally tell myself aloud not to be overzealous and jog and push myself too hard. It’s difficult to know you can do something, but telling yourself not to. I’d rather walk my 4 miles than cause myself serious injury that I’m out for a week or two and not walking anything. Still, my ego was a bit bruised, and I was frustrated with myself. It felt like it took twice as long to walk the course because I wasn’t jogging it as I was used to doing. Bah!

So I don’t know why my knees were suddenly so sensitive – I suspect, or at least hope, that it’s the sudden cold weather we’ve been having. I’ve been walking in 50F (10C) weather with brutally cold winds. That’s my hope, anyway. I’m praying it’s not my old bursitis rearing its ugly head to really ruing my month.

I plan on walking this week (as well as doing more stretches and yoga exercises) and I might jog to see how things are going. The days are supposed to be much warmer (74F/23C), so we’re going to have to see. I hope this is just a temporary thing. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t have my weekly walks.

So that’s a big bummer, that and the weather we’re having over the next week. Generally, I love a rainy day. It’s the kind of day you can rug up inside and watch the rain fall. Still, it feels like a personal test of my determination, and I struggle between my desire to camp out inside and vegetate and getting out into the sunshine and getting the blood pumping. I don’t know where all this rain is coming from, but I’m looking forward to a little less rain and some more sunshine.

In other news – nothing good or bad – but in the last week I’ve bumped my WW points goal down from 25 to 22. I don’t expect this to be adhered to very strictly, but the change has gone almost unnoticed by me, due largely in part to me eating a lot of low or point free foods anyway. I’ve actually been struggling the last few weeks to meet the goal, whether it be 25 or 22, because I’m eating a lot of fresh veggies and fruit and getting stuffed in the process. My points tend to come from my (small) meat intake, sauces, bread, fat free milk in my tea, my fat free yoghurts and my WW icecream treats. Everything else is points free, and I’m not against stuffing myself silly with them when I’m hungry.

That’s something I’ve been experimenting with. It seems that the WW plan I’m using is the 2011 one; the 2012 one was updated, and in the process, the target points were lowered from the previous system. The calculator tells me I should eat 29 points, but after some research I was finding either a.) people were gaining weight attempting to reach that number, or b.) finding it impossible to reach. With further research, I found that WW lowered the target with the revision, and for my height and weight, my target is around 26 points. So my self-imposed 25 points was close to the mark. Apparently we can also adjust our goal by a number of points (2 to 4, I can’t recall) to suit ourselves, so I’ve brought my points down a little bit more.

I don’t know the result of this adjustment just yet; that will come on Wednesday when I do my weigh-in. I’m not expecting drastic weight loss with the lower point target, I just felt I needed it to avoid over-eating due to the change in eating habits that I’ve made over the last month. Fingers crossed on that one!

In Boo’s case, this change seems to have really worked for him. After I hung on to his legs and begged him for a week or so, he finally admitted that he’s lost around 11-12lbs. Great success! I’ve begun to notice that his face is more slender, and his pants look baggier on him. I even tugged at his pant leg the other night and scolded him for wearing his pants with the belt and button undone – nope, they’re just getting baggy. Color me surprised!

He’s also gotten comments from his family that he’s losing the tummy and the weight. I just grinned and said I’m starving him! I don’t think they noticed my loss – I’m down about 8.5lbs – or they’re just scared to hurt my feelings by commenting on my weight. Ah well, I know I’ve lost it!

So Boo’s big goal is to get under 200lbs – he’s only a pound or two off – and mine is to get under 150lbs. I hope we’ll both get to that by the end of this month, that would be fantastic. I just wish he’d lose some of the extra pounds for me, he’s doing so well. Bah!


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