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Recapping January

So that’s it for January; it’s February 1st now, so begins a new month. Time for a bit of a recap.

When we hit the track at the beginning of the month, Boo and I noticed an increase in the visitors around us. Hubby cracked “New Year’s resolutions in action”. Thinking about it, I think he had a point. There certainly seem to be a lot more people now than in November/December when we were out walking.

For us personally, it wasn’t so much that we had made a resolution to start the year out right; we’d been hitting the track for the last few months. Hubby had a physical training class starting in January and we had to get his fitness back up to scratch before that so he didn’t keel over on his first day. I went along as his personal cheerleader to keep him motivated.

So there are really two things that contributed to the timely kick-start to my fitness plan.

First, what really got my butt in gear was seeing myself in a photo at Christmas. I enjoy taking photographs as a hobby so for the most part, I never end up in front of the lens. I’m mostly the one behind the action, snapping everybody else. One photo was finally taken where I was targeted and I was actually shocked to see how much weight I’d put on. I didn’t FEEL that large, but wow! I didn’t realise. It confronting and a little upsetting.

Secondly, I’d recently discovered that I could get to an area where I could freely walk safely on my own – a newly developed subdivision near my house with little to no traffic. Bonus points is the entire area comes to almost exactly 1 mile, so gauging the distance I walk is easy. I personally enjoy the time to myself to just get outside, hit the road, blast some tunes and let my mind wander. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike company, but I find that I do best when I just do it on my own and have the time to myself.

A third factor that helped to get me back in gear was our tight grocery bill. We’d spend a lot of money on snacks and stuff, so we’ve been cutting down our budget and focusing more on fresh produce and food. Our costs have gone down, and as a result, our diet has improved greatly. We have filtered water, some flavoring, and that’s about it. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit, chicken, tuna fish and more.

So, what I did at the start of the month was order the Weight Watchers kit, and print out some worksheets to keep track of my progress. The handy dandy PDFcalendar website got my workout sheet sorted, and I made up a daily meal tracker in Open Office. So far, it’s been great to keep track of my points usage and my workouts, and a quick way to go back over what I’ve done in the past.

So the results are in. This month of January I’ve walked 65 miles, building up from doing 2 miles a day to 4, average of 14-16 miles a week. I’ve even started jogging. My first time was rather weak, feeling like I was about to buckle and fall over, but these last few times I’ve been getting better, bringing up my jogging to about 1/2 mile a day (broken up over the day, not all at once!) This is an area I really want to improve in, as I probably haven’t run in 15 years or so.

My meals have been getting better as well. I started going over a little bit at the start, but now I’m reaching my WW Points Plus target of 25 accurately and healthily. Eating a lot more salads and fruits, and cutting down on my meat and dairy intake. I’m feeling tons better, with more energy. Unlike what I’d been concerned about, I don’t feel hungry or too stuffed. The target is just right for me, and I’m even able to indulge in some extra snacks (like WW fudge bars for 1 point, yom!)

My only problem seems to be my sleeping patterns, but that’s due to my hubby’s changing work schedule and my own fluctuating schedule. I hope to get past that, it’s irritating me.

So the month is over, I’ve dropped weight from 161.5lb down to 154.4lbs (73kg to 70kg). I’m happy with this, considering I didn’t start WW until the second week of the month, and around that time I was still ramping up my walking and workouts. I haven’t been this weight for more than 6 months or so, so I’m happy! I can see the results and I feel like a million bucks.

My goals for February are:

  • Hit 150lbs – little goal; if I hit this, I’d be thrilled – I haven’t been this weight since mid-2010
  • Hit 145lbs – ultimate month goal! This would be awesome
  • Work on varying my diet a little more – keep up the veggies and fruit, minimise my fat intake and meat
  • Add my Wii Fit to my workouts – my upper body strength is shocking
  • Maintain 4 miles per workout – I could do 5 but I feel 4 for me in the sweet spot (approximately a 1 hr 20 minute workout)
  • Maintain 0.5 miles jogging per workout
  • Take my vitamins more often! Stop forgetting!



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